5G is here!

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We are stepping on the Shoulders of Giants.

This Is The Time To Do Great Things. It Couldn’t Be More Exciting Seeing What 5G Will Make Happen.

OneCall – Unlimited Mobile Anytime, Anywhere

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Unlimited, commitment-free SIM plan

our 5G network will empower the 5th Generation.

The power of 5G on personal and business devices will give everyone a better and more reliable connection in busy places, delay-free downloads and buffer-free streaming. However, it’s 5G’s impact on the world around us that’s even more exciting. This new technology has the power to connect buildings, transport and services in ways we’ve never seen, completely revolutionising everything from the way traffic flows on our roads to the way we receive health care. We are working with major UK networks to test the technology’s potential capabilities and will keep you up to date with any exciting information we get.

Get 5G as standard when you purchase either OneCall O2 or Vodafone SIM

How would you like to get in touch?

You can call us by calling 020 7193 9290.

If you’d prefer to send us a letter, please send it to:

34 South Molton Street,
W1K 5RG,

Please include your name, OneCall number and address in this letter.

5G speed at no extra cost

5G supercharges your data use so you can enjoy it without the long load times. Whichever option you choose, it’ll be streamed in 5G, making your experience much smoother and faster connectivity.

Latest important updates

Stay up-to-date with the latest information that might affect how you use our network and what we’re doing to keep the UK connected.

where can i get 5g?

We now have 5G in parts of most major UK towns and cities, as well as lots of smaller towns and villages. To see whether 5G has arrived in your area, use the coverage checker below. What’s great about OneCall’s 5g Service? It’s delivered to you at no extra cost as long as you have a 5G enabled phone. If you already have an active OneCall and would like to activate your 5G just contact us at [email protected]

Why choose OneCall?

Lets keep it simple.

Unlimited SIM Plans

Flexible approach with 30 Days Sims. No credit checks and no surprises at the end of the month. When we say Unlimited, we mean Unlimited. Pay in advance and choose between either our 30 day SIM bundle or our 30 day SIM plan.

Unlimited means Unlimited

Calls to standard UK landlines and mobiles, and roaming within EU countries. Unlimited Mobile Anytime, Anywhere!

It's Your Number. Keep IT!

Text 'PAC' to 65075 to get a code, this will be valid for 30 days. Let us know your PAC code, and we will get you connected. It’s your number, KEEP IT!

Why choose OneCall?

Lets keep it simple.

Commitment- free SIM plans

1 month plans. No contracts, no credit checks and no surprises at the end of the month. Cancel or change plans anytime. Pay in advance and enjoy the flexibility.

Truly unlimited calls & texts

To standard UK landlines and mobiles, and roaming within EU countries. Call and text your friends and family as much as you want. No catch.

Keep your number

Simply text 'PAC' to 65075 to get a code valid for 30 days. We’ll walk you through steps to enter this code to transfer the phone number you want to keep.

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